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BTerry.com Guest Book

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Guest Book Policies

Thanks to all who sign my guest book. This guest book is here for you. It is filtered for obscenity and profanity. If your entry is not posted, please check to see if you have accidently included a sequence of letters that can spell an obscene or profane word. This guestbook is not the place for advertisements (either commercial or political), personal messages, phone numbers, nor for anonymous postings. I remove all such entries. I also remove comments that are posted with a false name, a false email address (including someone else's), and/or a false location (Yes, I do monitor where such comments are posted from). If someone should falsely post a message from you, please let me know and I will remove it. I also remove entries that contain derogatory remarks. This guest book is not on-line for such a purpose. Only very rude people post uncomplementary comments in someone's GUEST book.

Scripts and Guest Book modified from those created by Matt Wright and found at Matt's Script Archive

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Bruce Terry's Home Page
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