Journal of Applied Missiology, Volume 2, Number 2

North American Bibliography

by P. Kent Smith

Boyer, Richard, and David Savageu

1989 Places Rated Almanac. New York: Prentice Hall. One of several similar works, Places Rated provides a wealth of information on 333 metropolitan areas in North America. A helpful resource for initial stages of site research.

Brock, Charles

1981 The Principle and Practice of Indigenous Church Planting. Nashville: Broadman Press. A simple presentation of new church development where significant cultural barriers must be crossed.

Carroll, Jackson W., Carl S. Dudley, and William McKinneyY, eds.

1986 "Demographic Data in 1986 Congregational Analysis." In Handbook for Congregational Studies, pp. 55-80. Nashville: Abingdon. This generally useful collection contains an especially valuable section for those interested in using U. S. Census data in site research.

Chaney, Charles L.

1982 Church Planting at the End of the Twentieth Century. Wheaton: Tyndale Publishers. Drawing on the successful church planting experience of Southern Baptist churches, Dr. Chaney's book offers particular insight for developing regional and inner city strategies.

Hadaway, C. Kirk

1990 "The Impact of New Church Development on Southern Baptist Growth." Review of Religious Research 31 (June) 370-79. Hadaway's research reveals that newer churches are more likely to grow than older churches, and that the number of new church plantings is closely correlated to overall denominational growth and decline. HESSELGRAVE, David J. 1980 Planting Churches Cross-Culturally. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House. Though not exclusively focused on church planting in North America, this important work provides in-depth treatment by a leading evangelical missiologist.

Jones, Ezra Earl

1976 Strategies for New Churches. New York: Harper and Row. This book is somewhat dated, but contains much practical, useful material not available in more recent titles.

Logan, Robert E., and Steve Ogne

1991 Church Planter's Tool Kit. Pasadena: Charles E. Fuller Institute for Evangelism and Church Growth. This is a revised and updated resource that replaces the Church Planting Workbook by Logan and Jeff Rast. It takes prospective church planters step-by-step through the planning and establishment of a new congregation.

Lukasse, Johan

1986 "It Takes Team Effort to Root Churches in Hard Soil." Evangelical Missions Quarterly 22 (January): 34-42. A description of how one group has started 15 churches in eight years using young people in a team planting strategy.

Ridley, Charles R.

1988 How to Select Church Planters. Pasadena: Fuller Evangelistic Association. This manual is designed to guide prospective church planting agencies in recruiting, screening, interviewing and evaluating church planters. A useful resource for missions committees and schools with missions programs.

Schenk, David W., and Ervin R. Stutzman

1988 Creating Communities of the Kingdom: New Testament Models of Church Planting. Scottdale, Pennsylvania: Herald Press. These two Mennonite authors combine insight into the growth of the early church with solid awareness of contemporary issues in church planting. The result is a stimulating study well organized for a small group study or Bible class.

Wagner, C. Peter

1991 Church Planting for Greater Harvest. Glendale, California: Regal. Wagner contends that, "The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches." This new release provides a good overview of church planting written at the popular level. Perhaps the best single resource to introduce a missions committee or individual to current thought on church planting in North America.  

Westgate, James E.

1986 "Emerging Church Planting Strategies for World Class Cities." Urban Mission 4 (November): 6-13. This article suggests several strategies for new urban church development presently being explored: team, house church, wholistic church, and international networks.

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