Journal of Applied Missiology, Volume 5, Number 2

Many of the recipients of this journal have ideas, strategies and experiences in missions that should be shared. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO SUBMIT AN ARTICLE. However, to assist you in that process, these guidelines must be followed.


Guidelines for Writers

Purpose of the Journal

Prospective writers for the JOURNAL OF APPLIED MISSIOLOGY should know and support the purpose of the publication: to advance the mission of God by proclaiming the good News of Jesus Christ in domestic and foreign contexts. The JOURNAL OF APPLIED MISSIOLOGY advocates establishing responsible, reproducing church movements among every group of people on the face of the earth.


There are about 1000 readers of the journal serving in a variety of capacities: missions professors, students, field missionaries, and church leaders (including elders, deacons, preachers, and mission committee members).

Quality of Manuscript

The JOURNAL OF APPLIED MISSIOLOGY prefers articles that: In order to make the material interesting and compelling, an author should:

Preferred Topics

Stylistic Guidelines

Typing Instructions

Submission Requirements

Editorial Responsibility

The editorial staff of the JOURNAL OF APPLIED MISSIOLOGY will give each article that follows the above "guidelines for writers" a fair review. The editorial staff will ask (among other things):

The editorial staff may edit for maximum readability (though no major modifications will be made without permission). Copyright law says that the JOURNAL OF APPLIED MISSIOLOGY retains the copyright of the issue in which the article appears while the author retains the copyright to the particular contribution made to missiology. For further information, write or call:

  Ed Mathews, Editor
ACU BOX 8433, Abilene, Texas 79699
Phone (915) 674-3758 Fax (915) 674-3769

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