Journal of Applied Missiology, Volume 2, Number 2

European Bibliography

Gwynneth Curtis


Baumer, Franklin L.

1977 Modern European Thought: Continuity and Change in Ideas. Macmillian Publishing Co. This book is an interpretation of modern intellectual history. It deals with the origins and impact of ideas on the development of modern society.

Biberaj, Elez

1990 Albania: A Socialist Maverick. Westview Press, Inc. Focusing on the land, people, history, and recent developments, the author dispels much of the mystery created by Albania's self-imposed isolation.

Carroll, Raymonde

1988 Cultural Misunderstanding: The French-American Experience. The University of Chicago Press. An intriguing and penetrating analysis of the many ways in which French and Americans--indeed any members of differing cultures--can misinterpret each other, even when ostensibly speaking the same language.

Coffey, Tony

1990 Once a Catholic. Star Bible Publications. A former Irish Catholic now preaching for the church in Dublin, Ireland, the author presents valuable insights into the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church which will be helpful to Christians everywhere who endeavor to reach Catholics with the truth.

Cohen, Stephen F. & Katrina Vanden Heuvel

1989 Voices of Glasnost: Interviews with Gorbachev's Reformers. W. W. Norton & Co., Inc. This collection of interviews provides an intimate portrait of Soviet politics, culture, and economics. It offers compelling viewpoints on whether the changes in the Soviet Union are irreversible, and what might happen if they are not.


1986 Germany (Library of National Series). Time-Life Books, Inc. A great source of basic, introductory information about Germany which is generally accurate and reliable.

Gati, Charles

1990 The Bloc That Failed: Soviet-East European Relations in Transition. Indiana University Press. This book is a lucid and stimulating synthesis of the postwar evolution of Soviet-East European relations and an up to date analysis of the revolutionary events in that part of the world in 1989.

Graubard, Stephen R., ed.

1991 Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Europe, 2nd Edition. Westview Press. This updated volume examines such issues as the major paradigmatic shifts occurring in Eastern Europe, the long-term role of Gorbachev, and the effects of glasnost and perestroika on the future of Europe.

Hall, Edward T. and Mildred Reed

1990 Understanding Cultural Differences. Intercultural Press, Inc. This book provides a new understanding of the importance of culture-based differences that exist between the peoples of Germany, France, and the United States. Key concepts underlying structures of culture will be helpful to those involved in cross-cultural situations. Valuable lessons for missionaries.

Hill, Kent R.

1989 The Puzzle of the Soviet Church: An Inside Look at Christianity & Glasnost. Multnomah Press. This book, presenting the relationship between believers and the State in the Soviet Union, will help western Christians come to grips with the complex history and current realities of believers in the Soviet Union.

Hindus, Maurice

1988 Red Bread. Indiana University Press. A revealing account of the human impact of collectivization.

Johnston, William M.

1983 The Austrian Mind: An Intellectual and Social History, 1848-1938, 2nd Edition. University of California Press. In this book the author gives a real and distinct meaning to the beguiling and amorphous quality of "being Austrian."

Kenny, Michael and David I. Kertzer, eds.

1983 Urban Life in Mediterranean Europe: Anthropological Perspectives. University of Illinois Press. Basing their arguments on fieldwork, the editors challenge various theoretical positions such as the "rural-urban dichotomy" and other issues related to migration and offer valuable articles related to Spain, Italy, Greece and Yugoslavia.

Keohane, Robert O. & Stanley Hoffman

1991 The New European Community: Decision making and Institutional Change. This is the first systematic discussion of the major political institutions of the European Community after the transformations of the 1987 Single European Act, itself a surprise and mystery whose effects are unraveled by the book.

Lewis, Flora

1987 Europe: A Tapestry of Nations. Touchstones. In graceful country-by-country portraits, Lewis recreates the essence and distinct personality of each nation, and illuminates the themes most crucial to experiencing and understanding Europe today.

Pogonowski, Iwo Cyprian

1988 Poland: A Historical Atlas, 2nd Edition. Dorset Press. This work gives a unique and excellent pictorial presentation of Polish history with detailed chronology and commentary. Centuries of Polish and East European history are made vivid for the reader who knows little of the Slavic and East European past.

Ramet, Pedro, ed.

1989 Religion and Nationalism in Soviet and East European Politics, 2nd Edition. Duke University Press. This wide ranging collection of essays covers a broad range of topics as it explores the nexus between religion and nationalism in Eastern Europe.

Schoepflin, George, ed.

1986 The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe: A Handbook, 2nd Edition. Muller, Blond & White. This comprehensive volume provides both basic information and comment about the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Detailed facts describe each country in the "eastern bloc" as well as many facets of life and culture in these countries.

Taras, Ray

1986 Poland: Socialist State, Rebellious Nation. Westview Press, Inc. This book examines the checkered history and turbulent politics of Communist ruled Poland. It also discusses the country's changing social structure and presents a survey of the nation's rich cultural heritage and contemporary achievements.

Thompson, John M.

1990 Russia and the Soviet Union, 2nd Edition. Westview Press. This book is a brief, lucid account of Russian and Soviet history from ancient Kievan Rus' to the present day. It is valuable to any reader seeking to become acquainted with the story of the Russian people-- their tribulations and courage, their tragedies and triumphs, and their remarkable contribution to world culture.

Ustinov, Peter

1983 My Russia. Little, Brown and Company. This work describes a people's struggle for identity and survival while attempting to eradicate some of the misconceptions which have clouded the minds of those who seek to understand Russia.

Wheaton, Bernard & Zdenek Kavan

1991 The Velvet Revolution: Czechoslovakia, 1988-1990. This vivid portrayal describes the dramatic social and political changes that heralded the downfall of the communist leadership in Czechoslovakia.

Westview Profiles/Nations of Contemporary Eastern Europe--A collection of profiles published by Westview Press:

  1. Czechoslovakia: Profile of a Socialist Republic at the Crossroads of Europe, David W. Paul
  2. Hungary: A Nation of Contradictions, Ivan Volgyes
  3. Romania: A Developing Socialist State, Lawrence C. Graham
  4. Yugoslavia: Tradition and Change in a Multiethnic State, Lenard Cohen
  5. The German Democratic Republic: The Search for Identity, Henry Krisch
  6. Bulgaria, William Welsh

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